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Digital Marketing Course

This course is a top global-standard course, very practical and hands-on and delivered by experienced Digital Strategists who has worked for various corporates. They will bring and share their knowledge and case studies in Digital Marketing during lectures. In this course you will learn how to use the internet as an effective marketing channel and how you can apply that in your own organisation.

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Excel 2010 Level 2: Course Description

Our Excel 2010 Intermediate course will build on your current Excel skills. The course will focus more on Excel Functions, Worksheet Management, Working with Lists and Charting your data. Existing Excel users whom have not had any formal training finds this course extremely useful, as it will bridge the gap in your knowledge of Excel.

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Customer Service: Course Description

This course provides a broader understanding of customer service and includes both internal and external customers. Learners in this level will have a better understanding of customer service, engaging with customers, communicating with customers and how to process queries in order to respond to customers’ needs and monitoring customer's satisfaction.

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Report Writing: Course Description

In this course learners will be able to write professional reports, compiling reports related to a selected business function, identify information sources and company procedures; and ensuring that reports deadlines are met. This report writing course explores the typical characteristics of effective reports and explains the purpose and characteristics of different styles of reports such as recommendatory, evaluative, close-out, descriptive, investigative and analytical reports.

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Time Management: Course Description

This course will introduce delegates to time management and enable learners to be efficient workers; creating, maintaining and using a task list for follow up and assist in completing tasks, schedule time to complete tasks according to specific deadlines.

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